POLICE BRUTALITY at University of California at Berkeley Student March 12/6/14

Video and story by U.C. Berkeley students in California
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVmyMKtmwU4

Police continue to assault peaceful demonstrators.

At 5PM on 12/6/14, hundreds of UC Berkeley students and Berkeley residents began a peaceful march from Sproul Plaza to the Berkeley Marina to protest the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner and countless other brown and black youth at the hands of police.

Along the way, police set up barricades and fired rubber bullets and smoke bombs, shattering one student's knee and causing another student to have a seizure. The injured were not allowed to seek medical attention and were instead corralled by riot police. The group eventually made its way back to Sproul Plaza, where students were once again kettled around the Bancroft/Telegraph area.

This video begins with riot police forcing students south down Telegraph, which only caused more Cal, Berkeley High, and City College students to join the struggle. The demonstrators were pushed all the way down Telegraph by waves of tear gas until they reached the border of Oakland, where the riot police finally dissipated. This is a sample of what we were able to capture on two cameras - there's a lot we were unable to film. Please share this video!


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