The 12 Most Dangerous Cities in Maryland at night

Story by Onlyinyourstate.com

Ever wonder which areas in Maryland are the most dangerous? While you can probably guess a few, some of these may surprise you. We searched through several sources to compile this list of the 12 most dangerous places in Maryland after dark. Take a look.

1. Baltimore
Baltimore is number one when it comes to dangerous places in Maryland. Its violent crime rate surpasses all other Maryland towns and it's constantly listed in the top 10 most dangerous places in the entire U.S. 204 homicides in Baltimore so far in 2016.

2. Elkton
Elkton's violent crime rate is higher than the national average. And while property crime rates for Maryland are about 1 in 40, Elkton's rate is 1 in 14.

3. Bladensburg
Neighborhood Scout reports that Bladensburg's annual crimes per square mile is 453. To put that in perspective, the national average is a mere 32.

4. Ocean City
Ocean City has recently popped up on several "dangerous" lists, including Movoto. While it doesn't even rank in homicides, it has the highest concentration of thefts and rape annually.

5. Salisbury
According to RoadSnacks, Salisbury ranks near the top of the list when it comes to both violent and property crimes. This is a charming place to visit during the day but you may not want to wander around at night.

6. Cambridge
With a mix of thefts, rapes, and assault, Cambridge comes in at number six on our list. Cambridge continues to appear on national reports due to violence, and it could continue to rank as the years progress.

7. Hyattsville
Hyattsville recently ranked number one on RoadSnacks most ghetto cities in Maryland. The odds of being robbed here are 1 in 15 annually.

8. Suitland
Suitland's annual crimes per square mile ranks at 394 via Neighborhood Scout. Compare that to Maryland's average of 61, and that's a pretty significant amount.

9. Princess Anne
Princess Anne is only safer than 1% of U.S. cities. The odds of becoming a victim of a violent crime are 1 in 69, which is significantly higher than Maryland's average of 1 in 224.

10. Mount Rainier
At under one square mile, Mount Rainier may be small, but it packs a lot of crime into its little town. It continuously ranks on Maryland's most dangerous lists for its violent crime and property thefts.

11. Temple Hills
According to RoadSnacks, this census designated place ranks high in crime and is a hot bed of illegal activity.

12. Cumberland
Cumberland just makes our list with crimes per square mile at 144 a year. It's only safer than 2% of the U.S. according to Neighborhood Scout.


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